Alaskan Sunsets

The days are getting shorter.

Leaves are turning shades of yellow.

The third of my four visitors this summer will be here soon. And the fourth shortly after that to accompany me on my drive home.

Fall plans are starting to take solid shapes.

It’s a bittersweet experience watch the seasons change.

But the sunsets are spectacular and early enough to stay awake for.

And there’s a hope for northern lights. 

And a few more memorable adventures. 

Alaskan Sunsets

of blurs

Dogwoods are blooming and red-winged blackbirds are singing. Yellow-rumped warblers are displaying their breeding plumage and the waterfalls are most certainly already past their peak.

It almost felt like we’ve skipped spring to go straight to summer in Yosemite. Until that beautiful snow/rain/thunder storm a couple of days ago that brought our temperature down a couple of notches.

I’m still sorting myself out (AKA settling back into my routine)¬†from an extended family visit. My uncle and mom planned overlapping trips this year that totaled to right at two weeks. It was a blur of work and play and adventuring and entertaining and cooking and all the things that make up having out-of-town houseguests.

me rolling sushi with homemade lox

I’m always willing to share a bit of my crazy world. But one small note to self: three people in a four hundred square foot cabin does not lend itself to lasting sanity. Hehe, but we still had a good time and made some valuable memories.

Cheers to embracing the blur of life and then bringing it all back into focus.

of blurs