sun and rain and books

Yesterday was a rare sunny day. In August so far we’ve had two of those. Every other day we’ve been inundated with rain. And it’s been pretty chilly (on the sunny days we got up to 60*F), by my August standards, at least. The grey skies and cool humidity are wreaking havoc on my hair, various joints, and my opportunities to absorb vitamin D. I’ve been going a little stir crazy.

another storm rolling up turnagain arm.

Gratefully, the good folks of the Anchorage Borough saw fit to bestow me with this literary gem:

i ❤ libraries! and i love that the cards don’t expire!


I’ll refrain from disclosing how many books I’ve read over the past two weeks and how many are currently stockpiled up on my desk. Let’s just say that I’m prepared for the long haul that the next six weeks might be.

Even though long-timers are consistently saying this weather is more typical of September and the fireweed has gone to seed several weeks too early, I’m not convinced. What should August look like? (Please don’t torture me with thoughts of sun and warmth we should be getting.) It’s definitely autumn on the Kenai Peninsula. Will September look like October or will we get a reprieve some time or other? I hesitate to turn my thoughts toward why my cross-continent drive might look like should winter settle in hard and early…

Also, interestingly, all the rain has brought up the lake level here to a max (so far) of 7 feet above normal and the water is lapping up against the building and spilling in. Good thing the building was designed for it. Our basement floods and drains efficiently (with all of the storage shelves build to keep everything at least 6″ off the ground – more than sufficient). There’s so much water here.

there’s a sidewalk way down under there somewhere…


sun and rain and books

Solstice and strawberry

June. A month so full of adventure and emotion, sunshine and renewal. 

Paul’s visit has come and gone, all too quickly. We explored a lot: Seward, Kenai Fjords NP, the Gulf of Alaska, Denali NP, Fairbanks, the Denali Highway, and Portage Valley. So much fun and so memorable! 

His trip culminated on the summer solstice – the longest day of summer this far north is quite the sight to behold. The sun dips below the horizon, but for such a short time that it feels like there’s barely time for twilight to settle before it’s dawn (in reality, in southcentral Alaska, it’s around 4 hours). So, when I dropped him at the airport close to midnight it was still pretty light out. And driving down the Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm afterward, the strawberry moon rose into a still quite light blue sky. Such a calm and breathtaking sight to help soothe a heart heavy with a fresh wave of homesickness. 

All things considered, how could you not love a view like this?

Solstice and strawberry