Forest Fair

It’s Fourth of July weekend.

In Alaska, that means something a bit different than it does in the rest of the US. Not only because Alaskans tend to hold themselves apart from the Lower 48 (AKA the Outside). Here it’s not a celebration of American flags and fireworks (it doesn’t get dark enough for fireworks). Seems to me it’s more of a celebration of things uniquely Alaskan.

In the Kenai Peninsula folks congregate in either Seward or Girdwood. Seward is a bit of a drive for me and the festivities sounded a bit out of my style. Add in all the locals’ warning about the crowd level, and I opted to check out Girdwood.

Girdwood is home of the annual Forest Fair. Think renaissance fair meets music festival. A handful of costume-clad revelers, vendor booths of fair food and local artisans winding throughout the community park, two music stages, and a beer garden. I caught the last couple of hours after work with some of my housemates. Living in a dry house (no alcohol allowed in forest service housing), I naturally migrated toward the beer garden. And then up to the after-fair concert at the ski resort area.

Some locally brewed beer, fun live music, and meeting new people. It was the most at home I’ve felt since moving to Alaska.

Forest Fair

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