of spring moments

 And, just like that, another weekend has come and gone. This one held a special note of significance as it was my last one in DC until the fall. Next weekend will see me in New Orleans and the one after, I’m off on my way to Alaska. This weekend held some of my favorite things in DC: a lazy, rainy morning spent drinking coffee and hanging out; a game night with friends; a sunrise birding stroll in Rock Creek park; rooftop happy hour (complete with the returning chimney swifts!). Spring weather has genuinely settled in and it’s the perfect time of year to be outside in DC. 


I’m so excited for things to come. Seeing my Yosemite girls at Jazzfest in a couple of days. Heading out on a new life adventure this summer. Yet, I carry a balancing weight of fears and anticipated hardships. A (arguably overly) healthy respect for the wildness of Alaska (the Sierra on steroids seems an accurate analogy). The step back in to a long distance relationship. 

Such is life, right? One adventure pushing into another until you notice the days are breezing by and calendars can’t quite contain the flow…

of spring moments

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