of so many books

On my quest to find really cool stuff in DC, I bring you books. 

A big treat of DC is the public library system. I mean, there’s something lovably quaint about a one-room library that’s open two days a week. But, there’s something extravagantly wonderful about a whole system of large multi-story libraries, too.

Small town libraries are on a card-not-required and first-name basis. The librarian is quite likely to be one of your neighbors. And the selection is generally sufficient if you’re not too picky.

Metropolitan libraries are massively impersonal and rather industrially shabby. They’re a haven for the homeless and unsheltered. And the selection leaves you overwhelmed and under-budgeted with browsing time.

Same thing goes for the bookstores here. There’s no Half-Price Books that I’m used to from Dallas, but there are plenty of independent bookstore gems. Books for America, Krammerbooks, Politics & Prose, Idletime, and undoubtedly countless others.   Good thing that I seem to have plenty more time for reading here. 

of so many books

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