of marble clouds

Museums are (probably obviously) kinda my thing in DC. A fair portion of my uncommitted time is dedicated to exploring the plethora of artifacts and oddities that the museums of our nation’s capital has to offer. It’s a big task. And I’ve had so many moments spent transfixed and mesmerized and moved to tears at beauty and grandeur and brutal honesty.

I’ve always especially loved statuary. In Texas, I loved to visit old cemeteries. At first, it was for the peace and solitude of it in the midst of a tumultuous and stressful life place. The history of it was intriguing, but it was the statuary and art that really drew me in. Now, when I travel I always make a point to visit old cemeteries. To see the art that speaks, beyond language barriers, of hopes and beliefs. And to see statuary and carvings borne of grief and remembrance that are hauntingly captivating.

DC is ripe with statuary – in cemeteries, in memorials throughout the city, in collections horded in museums, and crowded in my personal photoarchives. It’s pretty amazing. For months, I didn’t have a favorite. And then I went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. And there I found marble clouds. It’s such a funny experience to round a corner and find yourself caught off guard by an unexpected emotional connection to an inanimate object. Statuary is just that cool.marble

of marble clouds

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