of stoic stances

DC is melting out. All that deep expanse of white blanketing the city has turned to brown-crusted remnants on the edges of sidewalks and grassy bit. It’s like a sad, inevitable decay. Occasionally you’ll happen across some shade-protected piles that remind you of snow days and the quiet beauty of a snowstorm. Mostly though, it’s brown muck. That’s okay. My feet are happy to no longer be confined to sporting Sorels on every outing. And I’m back to the half-attentive commuting that’s unconcerned with slick spots and the slower pace of carefully picking steps.

As things get back to ‘normal’, I’m getting back to usual habits too — like wandering around the zoo when I have odds moments and a need for a band-aid to soothe my nature withdrawals. The animals may be generally perplexed by their remaining snow or still hiding in the warm confines of indoor spaces, but some things will retain their stoic persona regardless of all else:

zoo lion standing guard

of stoic stances

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