of early mornings

I love sunrise.

And it’s rare that I miss one. It started during my first summer living in a tent cabin in Tuolumne Meadows. The nights were cold at high elevation, even in the heart of summer, and when those first rays of morning light filtered through the ceiling, it was an irresistible wake-up call. My porch faced east and every morning (unless it was snowing) would find me there soaking up that early warmth with a hot cup of coffee and likely half of my neighbors. I’ve traded my remote tent cabin in the wilderness for a 7th floor apartment in the heart of DC. Now, instead of a porch I have windows. Fortunately for me, they’re east-facing AND looking over the national zoo. I get vibrant sunrises every morning (unless it’s snowing or too overcast).

Sunsets are great too. I just don’t see nearly as many here. It’s hard when it’s winter and it gets dark so early – and when you live in a flat urbanscape with no dome to run up for an evening view. Hopefully once summer approaches and the days start getting longer, I’ll find a ritual here of getting up on the rooftop to watch the day close over the city.

of early mornings

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