of vermont weekends

I ❤ Vermont.

Seriously. Especially Woodstock. It’s everything I could’ve wished for in a small northeastern town. We drove in town on a cold, snowy evening to a town festive with holiday lights. And ate at a delicious farm-to-table restaurant. And stayed up late hanging out with friends. Then it snowed more. And we played in the snow (to varying degrees of extremeness). And found a well-stocked farmers market to patron. And spent more time staying up late drinking wine and sharing culinary skills. It was a great way to spend a long weekend.

I don’t ski (well, besides that one time at Badger Pass last winter that left me a bit injured and disillusioned). So I opted for hiking instead. I spent most of my time Saturday hiking at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park. It’s a small park site – the only one in Vermont, I believe. The trails are nice, especially when covered in a thick blanket of snow (though still not quite enough snow to warrant snowshoes). I hiked out to the Pogue – a small pond that was completely frozen over – and up on top of South Peak for a view looking out over Woodstock – though the view was pretty nonexistent with the storm clouds. On Sunday, we managed to score a private tour of the Rockefeller’s buildings on the property. The most exciting part of which were the fallout shelters. I’d never been inside one before and really didn’t fully understand the purpose of them. There are two on the property (though only one is open to the public) and they’re eerie and fascinating and claustrophobic.

If only there was more to draw one to the far northeastern corner of the country. Then I would totally insist on living in Vermont. As it is, I’ll be content with the fact that we seem to have brought some winter back with us. After months of uncertainty as to whether winter really happens in DC, we have a blizzard watch this weekend. …because why just have a little snow when you can have a whole blizzard?

of vermont weekends

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