of hunting cold

Some cold weather has finally settled in over DC. And with it, all precipitation has dissipated from the weather forecast. So much for snow…

On the bright side, it is snowing in the far northeastern US. Normally this would be of little import to me. However, we’re driving up to Vermont tomorrow for the holiday weekend in search of this very snow. Fingers crossed that the weather holds and these eyes rest on snow sooner than later.

Since it is colder than has been usual and we’re driving north to even colder realms, today was a perfect day to acclimate by going for a hike in Rock Creek Park. Rock Creek. My almost-backyard. One of my top favorite places in DC. My favorite for walking around in nature; for birding; or finding solitude and (relative) quiet. It’s all eastern hardwood stuffs, so it’s pretty barren this time of year. I miss the ever-green forests of the Sierra. But don’t take that as a complaint – bare trees and decomposing leaves are still a sight better than pavement and stoplights.

And thanks to technology and communication, I was able to search out and successfully spot a red-headed woodpecker. This was a very exciting first sighting for me and fostered one of those rare moments of complete elation that’s only a half-step from tears of gratitude. What a beautiful sight. What a timely reminder of just how wondrous this world is. What a comfort to know that, wherever you may be, there are always birds about.

of hunting cold

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