of birds and gardens

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens

I found this gem of a park through the local Audubon Society’s website as well as the eBird rare bird alerts.

The original and continuing draw as been the presence of an American bittern, a rather rare resident wading bird. I’ve looked for these birds in California without avail. And in Texas without avail. And now, I can say I’ve looked for them in DC without avail. So far…

The park and gardens seem to be focused around ponds filled with various lilies, including huge Victoria lilies, that are quite striking. These are specially cultivated in greenhouses and the ponds, and watched over by NPS staff. In the spring, summer, and fall, at least. They don’t tolerate the winter cold at all. I caught the very end of the lily season on my first trip out. Since then, all my subsequent trips (4 in total so far) have all found the entire park a pretty barren brownscale.

This is no doubt to be regular destination for me. Looking forward to seeing what this place will be like once all the plants and trees flesh out in their spring greens.

of birds and gardens

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