of unwinter

So. Much. Rain.

I recall longing for rain during my last few months in Yosemite. The drought had us all conserving water to an extreme degree. It had the rivers almost dry. It had a constant threat of wildfire looming over our heads. The drought and deep desire for rain was a mainstay conversation topic.

And now I have it – in abundance – and find myself longing for sunshine. If it’s going to be this warm in December, it might as well be sunny too. Just a little bit of that bright warmth reminiscent of cherished sunny California days. The grass is always greener, eh?

Christmas in DC is a strange thing. Not just because of the warm rain or the lack of being surrounded by family and friends. I had built up quite the expectation of what Christmas in a city would be. But drawing parallels between my experiences in Dallas and San Francisco turned out to be misleading. This city lacks a certain sort of festiveness. Maybe it’s because this is such a government town? Maybe it was the warm weather? Maybe the east coast is just weird? I mean, yeah, there were some decked out trees and some lights strung about, but… it was definitely more scarce than abundant. Where were the carolers and cheesy Christmas tunes? Where was that uncharacteristic friendliness of strangers and spreading of good cheer? Where were even the lights framing apartment windows? Seems like the most festive thing going was Zoo Lights where the zoo stayed open late and wrapped their trees in a variety of colored lights, and which is fortunately right next door. Other holiday cheery finds – like this one – were rare treats indeed.

It is pretty. And finding little pockets of cheer turned into a bit of a treasure hunt that had me roaming new streets and neighborhoods.

Good thing Christmas isn’t a big holiday in my personal world or this would’ve been a hard time of year. Though actually, it still is a hard time of year because the delightful weather of autumn has passed but the deep chill of winter is still running late. Winter, where are you and why are you avoiding me?

of unwinter

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