Of winter

The solstice has come and gone. We’re officially in winter. And I’m feeling pretty let down by the whole thing. It’s been 70* here and sunny (not California sunny though – I’ve never lived anywhere that’s that sunny). Insult to injury? It’s snowing back in Yosemite. Do I have to move to Alaska to get some winter??

 But, the flip side of non-winter is getting to pretend it’s still a time of year when you want to be outside exploring. For instance, this past weekend, in addition to going to see the new Star Wars movie at a theater down the street, we went and checked out Eastern Market. 

Think San Francisco’s Ferry Building but not nearly as cool. But at least there was a weird overstuffed bookstore nearby. 


I hear that Union Market is supposed to be much cooler than Eastern. And since we’re slated to get a good old fashioned Christmas rainstorm this next weekend (AKA no camping getaway) then checking it out might be just the thing. 

Of winter

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