of a world without ravens

Yes, that’s right. There are no ravens here in DC. We do have crows – two kinds even – but it’s just not the same. No bird has quite that same sort of exuberant essence. I miss ravens.

I miss quite a lot, in fact and honesty. That list is overwhelming sometimes. But I find this sums it up quite well:


Any picture of Yosemite sums it up well. A picture like this conveys so much. Beyond the straightforward beauty of the Ten Lakes Basin, I see the crystal clear cold water of subalpine lakes and rivers. I see trees laden with squirrels and woodpeckers. I see bears and bobcats and deer. I see granite outcroppings and oceans of forest. I see forest litter unmarred by human feet. And I hear …nothing. That not-quite-silent silence of deep wilderness. I miss silence too.

I remember and miss so much. Finding small pieces of urban nature is nice, but I miss deep wilderness. I hope to rediscover something of that experience in Shenandoah and the Appalachia this coming weekend. I find myself counting down the days until I’m once again enveloped in mountains. Until I breathe in clean mountain air. Until I feel that muscle ache of steep elevation gain. Until I once again inhabit a world with ravens.

of a world without ravens

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