of new realms

Rather than try and describe the culture shock of the past month (have I really already been in DC a whole month?!), I’ll let some pictures suffice.

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I can’t say that I don’t still feel like a stranger here. Though maybe I’m edging into that slow transition to acquaintanceship. And I can’t say that I’ve done half the things that were on my ‘first things to do’ list. Because, even being unemployed, I don’t manage to have much downtime. I can say that I’m still diving in headfirst, embracing the things that call to me… museums and galleries, green spaces and urban trails, restaurants and happy hours, bookstores and libraries, yoga (“and running” would fit well to round this out but, let’s be honest, that certainly hasn’t happened yet).

I’m still on a mission to find those things that I will love most and that will make this place mine. Those moments that inspire a feeling of kindredness and connection. And I know they’re out there. DC definitely isn’t lacking for options and opportunities… well, I mean, except for in the mountains category…

of new realms

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