of lasts

As I don my sweater to combat the sudden autumn chill, I step into another day of “lasts”. With less than two weeks left in Yosemite, every days seems filled with doing favorite things just one more time.

I don’t question my decision to move to DC. Love and adventure are strong winds that carry me away from my (albeit exciting) well-known everyday life here. But knowing these days are the last few I’ll have in Yosemite for a while makes them bittersweet. I’ll be back some time or other, whether just to visit this favorite place or to once again step into the ranks of the locals. Maybe I should be saying ‘one more time for now’ instead of ‘last’.

One more drive up to Foresta for girls’ night at the Flying Spur.

One more solo dayhike in the park. Up Mount Dana, one of my favorite repeat hikes, to watch the wildfire smoke and a first storm of the fall roll in.

One more late-night post-climbing skinny dip in the Merced (obviously no pictures of that).

So much to do still and to so much to acknowledge that there will just never be enough time to do.

And what do I do with my last full weekend in California? I drive down to San Diego for a steampunk convention, of course! I’ll be there for the next three days dressing up in my latest outfit variations, attending panels and workshops, playing at airships and tea duels, oogling in art galleries, and dancing the nights away.

Then it’ll be back to Yosemite for Facelift and a bit more work and climbing and high country escapades and going away parties.

Time is flying…

of lasts

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