of falling leaves

The first day of  September. And it truly feels like fall in Yosemite. I can’t say whether the leaves are already changing because of the changing of the seasons or the ongoing drought, but the maples in Yosemite Valley are turning shades of gold. Too early. There’s a crispness to the morning air and a softness to sunrise that indicate it’s not too early, in spite of the summery warmth of midday.

My recent trip to Dallas was important. To say goodbye to Mema. To spend some time with family. To make some life decisions with Paul. But it’s so incredibly good to be home. The beauty of this place still catches me by surprise. The people still capture my heart with their sincerity. The clean air and clear waters still cleanse away life stresses.


The first day of September. A day of announcements and decisions. The start of my final month in Yosemite. The first day of October will see me on a new journey. A journey of unknowns and adventures in love and urban living. The start of my time as a resident of the District of Columbia. Because… well, why not? I need time to decompress, refocus, and see where the flows of life will take me. It’s time for change…

of falling leaves

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