of hiking in june

I met Unwoman at the Clockwork Alchemy Convention last month. Her steampunk electric cello music has been providing the soundtrack to my life since then. Intertwined is my current favorite.

Looking back over the past few weeks, I’m startled to realize the calendar firmly avers that June is drawing to a close. We’ve plunged into the warmest part of summertime (or so I tell myself). My shoulder season whirlwind is finally slowing to a more manageable workload. And I finally have a moment of unobligated freedom to reminiscence over all that’s happened in June.

Work aside, there’s been some good hiking and swimming and general adventuring. Not nearly enough, but still many memorable moments. And more on the horizon. Changes loom and I’m filled with a desire to fill every waking moment with everything I haven’t gotten around to yet.

I’m still finding my way to secret places. Those spots that you’ve maybe heard of but needed a knowledgeable counterpart to guide the way to. Like Hidden Falls, where I hiked recently with my friend Jim. I still need to cross Sierra Point off my list. And I want to get back to Devil’s Bathtub and the Indian Caves and the one Basque arborglyph I know where to find. And no, I cannot divulge the locations of any of these. But, if you’re lucky enough to find your way out to any of them, they’re all worth the trek.


I’ve been fortunate enough to incorporate some play in with work in the high country too, like jaunting up to my favorite sunset spot at the end of long days of working on-location. It’s a not-so-secret mostly-locals-only filled-with-memories-of-summers-past spot that melts my heart and reminds me of the overwhelming goodness of life.


I’m also getting in designated trail miles as well. After 4+ years of living and hiking in Yosemite, I find I have to go further and further out to get to new places. I had a wonderful visitor from DC this past weekend and we did something of a lakes hiking tour. Paul took me out to one of his favorite Yosemite wilderness spots, Raisin Lake, which I now highly recommend – not just for the heartwarming rock-sunning solitude, but also for the cold swimming and beautiful views.


We also did a long(ish) trek in the Ansel Adams Wilderness with a mutual friend out to Agnew Pass and Gem Lake. It was windy and stunning. And also a little incongruous to see dams, structures, and rail tracks, and be reminded that the USFS and NPS have such different takes on land management.


I feel like I can confidently, slightly regretfully, strangely excitedly, definitely bittersweetly, say that this is my last summer in Yosemite. And cheers to making the most of it!

of hiking in june

3 thoughts on “of hiking in june

  1. Aw, this is your last summer in Yosemite? I’ll miss reading about and seeing all of the places you visit. They inform and inspire me. I hope you’ll continuing posting until your time here ends.

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  2. Kay Holloway says:

    This news saddens me as I love reading your posts. You are a gifted writer,
    please continue this blog as I find myself drawn to it.


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