of weekends in may

May in Yosemite is a curious time of year. Indecision and hesitation and exuberant energy abound. The weather has sudden changes of heart. Is it summer and time for triple digit days? Is winter still lingering with its midnight hour snow? Roads open, close, and reopen (ad nauseam). Plans are in constant flux (even after they’re in print). And I find that I waver and stretch and withdraw in a similarly complex pattern, tending all the various irons I keep in the fire.

Somewhere between conducting countless interviews, opening seasonal facilities, leading training sessions, and writing a rather ridiculous number of emails, I skipped down to Dallas for a weekend to spend some time with family and friends. I met my niece for the first time. I reconnected with old friends. I made some future plans. I experienced classic Texas storms (complete with tornado warnings and flash floods). I ate my fill of my favorite southern fares. And I delved a little bit deeper into the nature of my hometown. It was nostalgic in the extreme.


This past weekend I found myself at the Clockwork Alchemy Convention. It was my first con and my first event dedicated solely to steampunk. And… I’m hooked. The experience could fill all the remaining blank pages of my journal and leave me hunting out empty margins. I stepped into a steampunk persona. I met some fantastic new friends. I went to workshops and panels, discussing corsets and Poe. I danced to electric cello and Victorian hip hop and everything in between (I even learned to waltz a bit). I learned that there’s a whole world of cosplay out there that I just cracked the surface of.


As always, it’s good to go out and experience life – and it’s good to come home.


Who can say what the last few days of this most intense of months will bring?

of weekends in may

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