of movement

I’m living in a world known as the ‘shoulder season’. We’re well past the reprieve of winter quiet and not quite yet into the vibrant buzz of summer.

My mind is in constantly in motion, fed by too many work hours, too much coffee, and not enough time for sleep. I’m stumbling a bit as I step into the summer flow of playing as hard as I work.

I’m trying out new activities and working toward universal outdoor experiences (meaning: outdoor exercise that doesn’t require mountain wilderness). Oh, I’m still climbing, backpacking, hiking, and practicing yoga. But there’s always room for new frontiers, right? And the latest greatest is… running. I have to take it easy due to old injuries, but I’ve surprised myself with how exhilarating I find a trail jog. Especially with scenery like this:


There’s a kindred element between the movement of running and the movement of water. And there’s definitely something to be said for sustained, accelerated motion down a flat, unpaved surface without a pack in tow. It’s challenging, focusing, meditative, enlivening, and (perhaps most importantly) exhausting.


Running isn’t going to (at least, not in this moment) become a mainstay in my world for some very obvious and concrete reasons: staying conscious of those old injuries, knowing hot weathering is upon us, and being limited to only daylight hours due to mountain lion activity. But… I’m excited to have one more way to enjoy Yosemite in a new light and one more way to prepare myself for carrying this wilderness mindset forward to new places.

of movement

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