of musings

Springtime is tricky business. It’s the season of flux. The world is reawakening, stretching its limbs, breathing alertness and light. The stark contrast to winter’s inert dormancy is shocking. It’s enlivening, but I also find it overwhelming. It’s, to be quite honest, not my favorite season. I prefer autumn with its setting of summer’s best – and its beautiful state of exhaustion – into a quiet, crisp reprieve.

I’m overwhelmed by desires to run and grow and stretch myself without the energy built up to do it. And so, I find great need to find time to cultivate this reawaking, physically and emotionally. And I find this to be consistent within myself even though this year is truly unlike any other year.

While exploring new-to-me poets in honor of national poetry month, I have discovered the writings of Rupi Kaur, and specifically this bit wisdom:

rupi love

As an unattached woman who is still squarely on that slippery slope of recovering from being attached in a beautifully intense relationship, these words couldn’t have reached me at a more timely moment to inspire a feeling of deep, personal empowerment and resonating food for thought.

Recovering from the loss of what no longer is to be present in what now is and to move boldly into what is coming into being requires great dedication and strength. That courage and confidence comes from quiet spaces and untouched solitude. I find that most intensely in nature. Getting out into the wilderness alone, for me, is like getting a concentrated dose of energy and renewal and perspective.

And on that note, I embark tomorrow morning on a three day solo backpacking trip. Embracing the lonely solitude of the wilderness, practicing silence, observation, and exertion. I’m pretty excited about my itinerary; details coming on the flip side (I still remember all the middle school internet safety lectures). New realms beckon and I turn an anticipatory ear and hungry heart…

of musings

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