of music

I’m on a constant quest to find the most fitting music for any given moment. Don’t go so far as to label me as a connoisseur, just know that I like having an ever-evolving life soundtrack. This mostly comes from Pandora and iPhone playlists since I live in a river canyon that precludes a radio option.

Sometimes, recently, I’ve felt like equating life to standing on a beach watching the tide wax and ebb. You can never be certain what the tide will bring in and sometimes you can’t be certain what it will sweep away. The currents of life are not to be tussled with.

My potential life trajectories are altering and refocusing. And my current song for this given moment is Catie Curtis’s Rope Swings and Avalanches (if you follow the link to listen, just listen and know that I’m just as confused by the video part as I imagine the rest of the world to be).

…interpret freely.

of music

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