of wednesdays

“It’s amazing what you can do in thirty minutes.”

Wednesday have squarely taken over the honor of being my favorite day of the week. This might require explanation…

The above quote is something of a Wednesday tagline. It’s a multi-sport day stuck right in the middle of the week where I need it most.

The day starts with an early morning pre-work yoga class. After work, I head straight up into the park with the girls to get in a solid trail run. Preferably uphill; preferably actually running (I’m not quite there yet…). Our favorite lately has been up to the Vernal Fall footbridge. Easily (read: determinedly) done in 30 minutes and a good warm up for the evening community yoga class. Yup, double yoga and running. Followed up by beer and pizza at the locals-only winter dinner spot (for another week or so, at least). Detox to retox, right? =) Now that we’re getting into summer-hot weather, I’m hoping to add in a lunchtime river swim too.

Life is in full swing again. And it feels like my soul – and forgotten muscles – are waking up from winter hibernation.

of wednesdays

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