of foresta birding

Birding… My most obsessive hobby. To the point I don’t really think of it as a hobby so much as a way of life.

Binoculars are my constant companion. I store away weird facts and trivia to spout off at convenient (or inconvenient) moments. Vacation planning revolves around world birding hotspots (next stops being Central Park for migration season and Port Aransas for the WCF).

And I have incredible options on my doorstep. I recently spent the evening up in Foresta with a girlfriend – hiking, birding, dinner, and games.

We mostly failed at birding (note to self… don’t try to bird and catch up at the same time).


The sunset hike was great.

a foresta sunset
a foresta sunset

The quickly darkening walk home was punctuated with the squawking of a female Great horned owl.

owl in the middle
owl in the middle

I am eternally grateful to have friends as enthusiastic about word games like Scrabble and Bananagrams, and sharing time and good food, and life in general, as myself.

I am a lucky, lucky woman.

of foresta birding

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