of yoga and nature

Yoga is one of the great mainstays of my life, whether I’m in the city or the mountains or wherever in between. It’s taught me the importance of asana (the physical part of the practice that translates literally as a ‘good seat’ for being able to sit in meditation), of breathing, of silence and meditation. My personal (ever-evolving) mantra starts in my yoga practice and radiates out from there. Sometimes it does feel like my fascination with yoga borders on obsession. I’m fortunate enough to have ample group practice opportunities in my small community. Recently, I’ve been taking full advantage of that – sometimes going to four classes a week. A few weekends ago I was presented with the opportunity to spend the day with my friend and yoga instructor, JP. I went with him to both of his Saturday morning classes and then on a group hike into the Nelder Grove, making for a grand total of three solid hours of yoga practice. Add in the hike and I can safely say that, even though we’re in the heart of the ‘winter’ season, I haven’t backed away from testing the boundaries of my physical strength and determination.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the Nelder Grove, but it certainly wasn’t what I got. The long dirt road to get there, the serene isolation, the scattering of giants (‘biggies’ as JP puts it), the cold gurgling of Nelder Creek. The hike through is incredibly short and easy and I don’t think I’d have ever made my way back there without the group pull, but it’s worth checking out – if only for being the quietest, most secluded sequoia grove I’ve been to yet.

of yoga and nature

4 thoughts on “of yoga and nature

  1. My husband and I attempted to reach Nelder Grove last year in the Prius but turned around because we didn’t want to get stuck on the dirt road. It is quite remote. One day soon we’ll make it back. My brother-in-law is a Yoga instructor; I participated for the first time last Saturday and really enjoyed it. 🙂

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