Of Valentines

These lovely people were my Valentine’s Day companions. Who could ask for better?


I’m not one for commercial holidays in general. But with my sweetheart on the road to his new life-destination (now arrived and settling in) and the big, gaping hole that’s left in my world, I couldn’t let this day go by with any sort of feelings of loneliness or regret. Solution? Start the day with early morning yoga then meet up with the ladies for hiking to new places and dancing the night away to our favorite band.

If you haven’t been to Carlon Falls and you have access to the northwest edge of Yosemite, you must go. It’s a beautiful short hike off the Evergreen Road (between Big Oak Flat and Hetch Hetchy). And the pool at the base of the falls promises to be a good summer swimming hole.


And if you haven’t heard of Bootstrap Circus, you’re truly missing out. We try to get out to see this much-beloved local band at every opportunity. And it’s always worth making the trip (even if it involves getting home at 3AM).


Gotta love soaking up this mountain life!

Of Valentines

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