Of Introductions

Travel, relationship, career: my keywords of these first six weeks of the year.

Change: my life-defining concept.

I started the year travelling in the ancient wilds of Africa. Only to find myself in the grey and green urbanity of Europe. Only to find myself back in my little corner of North America. A heartbeat would find me back on a plane to new locales. My checkbook demands I wait a couple of months though.

My relationship just transitioned from a deeply intertwined daily presence to a long distance love affair spanning almost three thousand miles. Just meaning this morning. Shock currently overshadows anticipation, terror, and confidence.

New experiences and life changes have a ripple effect. Outside of the direct blast, my career is the first to feel the jolt. An electric shock to potentially revive this comatose beast? A meteorite crater to drastically change this zigzag trajectory once again? Ever-plodding time will no doubt tell.

Change – big change – is brewing. Steeping. Steaming. Overflowing.

I advise to hold on tight because this is going to be extreme.

Of Introductions

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